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Here you can find a description of the different sections containing information, dialogue boxes, and results visualization, for the different steps of your training and qualification phase. The purpose of these sections is to allow you to practice in the segmentation of the hippocampus based on the Harmonized Protocol, and to familiarize with the tools and procedures for segmentation. You will be able to verify the correctness of your segmentation, comparing it to the gold standard slice by slice. You will be able to visualize and then correct any possible error and re-upload the revised segmentations, to verify if your corrections are appropriate. Should you have any doubts or experience difficulties, please feel free to contact us:

For information regarding the Certification site:

For information regarding the Harmonization of Hippocampal Segmentation Protocol Project:

Data and tools

- Download Tools:

In this section you can download MultiTracer, the segmentation tool you need to trace the hippocampus. You can also find the MultiTracer instructions, explaining the segmentation settings and how to name the labels for the Harmonization project, and the link to download the MultiTracer user guide, providing a general description of the MultiTracer functions. Finally, you can download the Harmonized Protocol for Hippocampal Segmentation.

- Download Training Images

From this section you can download the images that will enable you to practice in the segmentation based on the Harmonized Protocol, and to compare your performance with gold standard harmonized segmentations

- Download Qualification Images

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Volume Computation

Here you can upload your segmentations and launch the computational analyses allowing to evaluate your performance.

- Upload Segmented Images – Training

After you segmented and properly named your output .ucf files as described in the MultiTracer Instructions, please fill the mandatory fields and upload your .ucf files. Please note that the uploading of the CSF .ucf file is not mandatory only because some subjects may not have internal CSF pools, or may have internal CSF pools on only one side. Anyway, for those subjects that require the segmentation of internal CSF pools based on the Harmonized Protocol, the CSF .ucf files MUST be uploaded in this page, at the specific CSF box. When you have uploaded your .ucf files, press the “Volume Computation” button, on the top-right side of this page.

- Upload Segmented Images – Qualification

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Training Verification

- Slice by Slice View

This allows you to compare your segmentations to the statistical gold standard obtained from segmentations of five different expert tracers. On each MRI slice, a point by point visual feedback will be provided.

- Complete Subject View

Under construction.

- Quantitative Verification

This provides different statistics for volumetric comparisons between your segmentations and the gold standard.


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